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Hi! Welcome to OFEN Co-Arts Platform.

OFEN Co-Arts Platform’s (Belgium/Germany) work includes artistic collaborations which contribute to a shift to ethical and sustainable working practices. At the core of the company’s practice is an analysis of the context surrounding projects, including working conditions and the role of arts in wider society.


OFEN Membership program

Aiming for medium to long term integration of change/learning

Holistic approach (2 or 3 angles simultaneously)

No video or phone calls or meetings, but instead tasks,  feedback, forms, reflections etc

Bespoke towards individual needs, part of the service is the assessment and reassessment of those needs.

For Individuals and Organisations 

Monthly membership, cancel anytime, no fixed timespan

Integrate into your schedule fluidly

Launching 1st August


Want to know what we can do for you?
Check out the services we offer:

  • Discussion Groups

  • Workshops for groups

  • Speaking engagements

  • Mentoring

  • Creative Processes

  • Resources

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  • 5 Jan, 2022


How best to get your employer to work ethically with dancers? Why yes, wear an OFEN t.shirt to work! 🙂

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  • 7 Jan, 2022

About OFEN

OFEN was founded in 2012 by Gala Moody and Michael Carter… 


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