Multi-media performance workshop for youth

Dance, performance, multimedia, flashmob, video, film … What can actually be called a performance?
In this workshop we worked with movement, theatre, dance and improvisation. We created original outfits, stage designs, documented performance as a photo series and with video clips. 
Thematically, it was about “aliens”, the others or strangers. What is alien to me? Do I sometimes feel like an alien myself that doesn’t fit into this world? Are there behaviours of others that are completely alien to me? Does that make me curious or does it just creep me out? 

15 – 26.10.2018 as part of Kultur Rucksack (Culture Backpack) Wuppertal at die börse, Wuppertal, Germany.


Photos by Lucia Gerhardt 
Styling by Moni Wespi