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Westdeutsche Zeitung > Questions for a city: What do young people need to realise their dreams?

Wuppertal. What will the city look like in 2030? How should the Pina Bausch Centre be designed? This and much more was answered by the young people of Wuppertal with Michael Carter and Gala Moody.

Photo by Rinaldo Sata

by Anke Strotmann, Westdeutsche Zeitung

The Pina Bausch Centre is to become a place that appeals to many people. “The content concept combines tradition and awakening, artistic excellence and democratic understanding of art, international charisma and involvement of the urban society,” it says on the homepage. To find out what young people want from this place, the dancers and project leaders Gala Moody and Michael Carter from Cie.Ofen came up with the symposium “Wupper-Topia”. Over a period of two weeks, as part of the “Under construction” festival, which took place from 21 to 29 November, they produced a film that summarises the ideas of pupils from the Berufskolleg Kohlstraße and the Gesamtschule Langerfeld.

What occupies young people in Wuppertal? What do they appreciate about the city? What do they need to realise their dreams? These were just some of the questions that Gala Moody and Michael Carter asked the students. The result is a 12.5 minute film collage that shows what needs young people aged 16 to 20 have. The project was mostly done digitally due to the Corona pandemic. “We worked 95 per cent online,” says Australian-born Michael Carter in a Skype interview. Questions and answers were exchanged via WhatsApp chat, in German and in English. This was a big challenge for the two because they did not know the students.

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Premiere of Wupper-topia Youth Symposium short film

Last night, after 2 weeks working with students from Gesamtschule Langerfeld and Berufskolleg Kohlstraße, we premiered the short film Wupper-topia Youth Symposium.

The film can now be watched here:

Wupper-topia Online Youth Symposium

Young people from Wuppertal tell us what’s important for them in the world now, how they see the future and what they will need to get there.

A Cie.OFEN project during the (now)digital Under Construction  festival November 2020 in collaboration with young people from Wuppertal, the City of Wuppertal, Pina Bausch Center, Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch and the Pina Bausch Foundation.

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Review: New People 3.0 > Westdeustche Zeitung

There is seething behind the facade of the people

Excerpt from longer article in the Westdeustche Zeitung (translated from German)

It seethes behind the facade of the human being, it screams, rages, cries and laughs. It forces its way out, even though this is precisely what the directorial team is trying to prevent. By commanding the four figures (Bénédicte Billiet, Tsai-Wei Tien, Brenna O’Mara and Julie Shanahan) in their shapeless costumes. They chastise them and then ask if they are comfortable. Which is visibly not the case, oppressive and amusing at the same time. Cie.OFEN (Gala Moody and Michael Carter) see their choreographing as social practice. “New People 3.0” was born out of the utopian desire to work together in dance in a sustainable and holistic way; the experiment failed. The audience likes it.

– By Monika Werner-Staude