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Social Change, Well-being and Sustainability to Accelerate Change in the Arts

Social Change, Well-being and Sustainability to Accelerate Change in the Arts

We are looking at the topics SOCIAL CHANGE, WELL-BEING & SUSTAINABILITY from the perspectives of ART MAKERS, ART PRESENTERS & ART CONSUMERS, to consider how we can all do our part to accelerate change in the arts. Screening 10-12 Sep 2021 at Tanzrauschen Festival Screen Dance Academy, Pop Me Up (Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 28, Wuppertal, Germany) and on ARTE. 



Interview: OFEN Co-Arts Platform and Viktor Van der Veken (Genderkamer)

The main task of the Genderkamer is to receive and deal with complaints about discrimination based on gender, sex, gender identity or gender expression and to assist applicants. The Genderkamer is a branch of the Flemish Ombudsman which acts as a human rights protector to combat and prevent any form of discrimination, exclusion, limitation, exploitation or prejudice based on gender, sex, gender identity and gender expression. ⁠ ⁠

As a psychologist, Viktor Van der Veken has gained a lot of experience in practice, both at case and policy level. He has worked on various forms of transgressive behavior including intimidation and bullying. The seriousness of this problem has prompted him to commit himself to decisively tackling cross-border behavior within the culture and media sector. Viktor wants to lower barriers, offer necessary recognition and professional support or a correct referral. He also puts his shoulders to the important task of contributing to changes at policy level.⁠

Link to the Genderkamer:


How do you respond?

OFEN Co-Arts Platform launches a free weekly Zoom series discussing practical vocabulary for speaking up. With a different question/topic each week, the goal is to unpack these situations and imagine how we can be better equipped to respond.
Open to all people in the dance/arts industry and hosted by OFEN Co-arts Platform.

Week #1: You’ve got the job but your pay is low and we can’t pay you travel or per diem. How do you respond?

14:00-15:00(Central European Time) – Friday 28th May 2021
Time conversion: Sydney 22:00 / Mumbai 17:30 / London 13:00 / New York 8:00 / Beijing 20:00

Hosted by @ofen_coarts_platform

Who gets an opportunity

In the past year we’ve all questioned much of our life, how we work and what is important to us. We’ve learnt the importance of well-being and how our work needs to support, and not detract, from this importance. After so much change in the last year, and as we transition into a (hopefully) post-pandemic world, it’s understandable that people in positions of power are scared of the future. This fear is not exclusive only to people in power, and a lot of us wondering what the future will offer. This is an opportunity to all of us to create the sort of future that we want, and not just what we will put up with. This takes courage, especially from leaders and people in power in power, to not fall back into business-as-usual and this-is-what-has-always-worked mentality and to actively make changes which benefit the well-being of people and reflect the social needs of the community. This can also mean handing over power to a new generation of leaders who might think, look and act differently to what we are used to. It’s only through this sort of change, and people advocating for the change they want, that we will achieve the progress we want. If you are person with power, maybe think about how you use that power and who you share it with.


New People 1.0 screens at First-Time Filmmaker Sessions

Our film “New People 1.0” an OFEN co-production with Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch is being presented in official competition this week at the First-Time Filmmakers Sessions March 2021 at Pinewood Studios.

You can watch all 48 films in our category (feature films) for €12.60 and vote for your favourite. Limited to only one week, watch now on Vimeo On Demand!

Also, if you wanna see the film and don’t have the budget to buy a ticket we can also send you the film to watch.