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Review: THE VASE by Tanzweb Wuppertal

„THERE IS NO FIRE-ESCAPE IN HELL…“ CIE. OFEN MIT THE VASE“ IN DER WUPPERTALER „BÖRSE“ – a critic by Klaus Dilger/Tanzweb Wuppertal (translated into English) Ariel Dorfman’s “Purgatorio” by the “Compagnie OFEN” by the Pina Bausch dancer Michael Carter and the former Michelle Anne de Mey and Wim Vandekeybus / Ultima Vez dancer Gala Moody

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Notch Company

Gala has commenced an exciting collaboration with Notch Company at Charleroi Danses;  working on a new dance-theatre solo directed by Oriane Varak and with musician Guillaume Le Boisselier. Titled Arcane Majeur – How to make Decisions, it is based on avante-garde film maker Alejandro Jodorowsky’s lifelong study of the Tarot de Marsailles. ARCANE MAJEUR –

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Cie.OFEN performed their first work One Final Evolutionary Note in Amsterdam at Festival Why Not in the biginning of August.  Performing on an outdoor stage amongst the trees was a perfect location for its Darwinian themes of evolution and natural selection. Check out the review (in dutch) here: