Evolution/Repetition is a a duration work spanning from 2 to 4 hours and performed in a public or site specific space. It’s a meditative work by Cie.OFEN that borrows some of the concepts and phrases from One Final Evolutionary Note to create a new work that can be viewed in it’s entirety or in segmented parts.

Evolution/Repetition was originally created to be performed in Duden Park (Brussels, BE) and premiered at L’Incroyable Telepherique Festival in 2013.


Concept, choreography/direction: Gala Moody, Michael Carter – Cie.OFEN

Premiered 31 August 2013 in the L’Incroyable Telepherique Festival, performed at Duden Park in Brussels, Belgium.


31 August 2013
L’Incroyable Telepherique Festival,
Duden Park, Brussels, Belgium.


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