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OFEN Mentoring Memberships


Aimed at professional dancers, dance students, artists, directors, teachers, arts managers, arts workers or people who are victims or perpetrators of unethical behaviour. 



Aimed at leadership teams of organisations, universities, institutions, companies, collectives, groups and departments.

  • What:
    • Peer-to-peer bespoke mentoring by OFEN Co-Arts
    • Reassess current working practices, create social change and develop sustainable art practices
    • Holistic approach (2 or 3 actions simultaneously)
  • When:
    • Medium to long term integration of change/learning
    • Integrate into your schedule fluidly
    • Cancel anytime, no fixed timespan
  • How:
    • Tailored towards individual needs, part of the service is the assessment and reassessment of those needs
    • Monthly video call check-in, follow-up tasks, feedback and reflections
  • Why:
    • Support in working goals – ideas, information, education, practical advice
    • Create sustainable working practices

Practically what a membership includes

  • Career guidance and advice based on your personal values 
  • Mentoring tailored to your needs
  • Setting boundaries 
  • Achieving work/life balance
  • When and how to speak up 
  • How to stabilise balance of power 
  • How to express your needs 
  • How to prioritise well-being
  • Educational components 
  • Surveys to identify problems and opportunities
  • Whatsapp messaging for questions etc
  • Proofreading emails
  • Bounce an idea off us
  • Discuss a difficult working situation
  • Practise speaking up through goals and reflection tasks 
  • Reflect on your work ethics and practices 
  • Suggested reading

If Any Details Are Still Unclear

What is included in the price?

Bespoke mentoring with a focus on your specific goals. 

When does a membership start? 

You can start any time

How long does a membership last?

As long as you want. We encourage medium to long term commitment to integrate change slowly and effectively.

Where will the courses take place?

Digitally – Video consultations, tasks, info, feedback, forms, reflections, WhatsApp etc.  

What payment is accepted?
  • Bank transfer (preferred)
  • Paypal
  • Other methods depending on country/region
When am I billed?

Every month an automatic invoice which is emailed to you. Remember, you can always pause your membership or cancel at any time without having to give a reason why. 

Any further questions?


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