Here is a list of resources for performing artists, directors, arts industry workers, choreographers, programmers, rehearsal directors, critics, dramaturges, producers and anyone who’s interested in creating a better arts industry. 

OFEN Resources have been written by OFEN Co-Arts Platform, except in the case of a different authorship, which have been appropriately credited. 

Other Resources is a directory for dancers of helpful resources like articles, books, activist and help groups, arts institutions, medical contacts and networking tools.   

Other resources

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We regularly update this page with additional resources. Please notify us if there is out of date info or if there is someone or something which should be included here.

Handvest – A statement of solidarity between artists who agree to no longer accept un(der)paid work in public activities that take place at or for organizations with fixed-income employees.
Engagement – an artist-led movement tackling sexual harassment, sexism and abuse of power in the Belgian arts field.
State of the Arts (SOTA) – an open platform to reimagine the conditions that shape the art world today. 
Juist is Juist (What’s right is right) – defines clear and fair principles and practices for collaborating in the arts sector. For all disciplines. And for all parties involved.
Cultuurloket – offers business support for the cultural sector.
Podiumkunsten – skills and development organisation of the professional performing arts and music sector in the Flemish Community.
Demos – non-partisan public research and advocacy organization focusing on social and policy developments in culture, youth work and sports.
Radiantly burning out and stacking stones – Barbara Raes
Artist Commons – interdisciplinary artist-organised platform
Genderkamer – complaints about discrimination

Whistle While You Work – promotes conversation around harassment, discrimination, and violence towards women and marginalized groups particularly while at work in the arts, especially in professional dance and performance.
Dancersconnect –  a neutral and informal platform aimed at professional dancers. Goals include: tackle important topics (including #metoo, abuse of power, increasing diversity, medical care, minimum wage, contracts and labor law); to break down segregation between different professional dance sectors; to broaden unionization. 
The Themis Trust Center Against Sexual Harassment and Violence (Die Themis Vertrauensstelle gegen sexuelle Belästigung und Gewalt)
TAMED – German Association for Dance Medicine

A forty-year career – article about burnout by Will Larson
Doctors for Dancers – database of treatment options for Dancers and Performing Artists

Europe and world wide
Reinventing Organisations book by Frédéric Laloux (Illustrated version)
Reinventing Organizations Wiki –  A practical guide for leaders who are reinventing their organization and are looking for inspiration as they upgrade specific management practices in their organization. (based on the book Reinventing Organizations by Frédéric Laloux).
The Dance Passport – a source of support for professional dancers in the context of mobility
Freelancer Talk – help freelancers working in the creative industries build their own professional support system by becoming part of an empowering and enriching international community.
International Federation of Actors (FIA) – a global federation of performers’ trade unions, guilds and professional associations.
Counselling for Dancers – Website for psychotherapist Terry Hyde
Minding the Gap – Mental health for dancers website
IADMS – International Association for dance medicine and science. 

BAPAM – British Association for Performing Arts Medicine



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