How do you respond?

A free weekly Zoom discussion series examining practical vocabulary for speaking up.

Over the last few years, the core of OFEN Co-Arts Platform’s practice has become an analysis of the context surrounding art making, including working conditions and the role of arts in wider society.

With How do you respond?,  we wanted to create a space to discuss common situations which arise in the performing arts and negatively impact both people, thus contributing to an unsustainable industry.

In planning these sessions, it wasn’t at first our aim to give a workshop or to teach a methodology, but the more we talked about this scenario the more we realised that we do have certain methods which works for us. We want to share some of these ideas, and learn from yours, in the hope that this exchange can support our practices in some way and aid in advocating better working conditions. 

When: Every Wednesday 18:00 (CEST – Central European Summer Time – ie. most European countries, South Africa, Sweden). Time conversion: UK 17:00, New York 12:00, Los Angeles 9:00, Mumbai 21:30. 

Where: Zoom – register below. Once registered, you will receive a Zoom link via email 1 hour before the discussion group starts. (If you don’t receive this, please check your spam/junk folder or contact us at

Cost: FREE

Open to all people who work in the performing arts

Agenda and Topics

  • <28th May 14:00 CET>

    You’ve got the job but your pay is low and we can’t pay you travel or per diem.

  • <4th June 14:00 CET>

    When the director/rehearsal director makes an appalling sexist joke and everyone laughs along because they don’t know what else to do.

  • <11th June 14:00 CET>

    You’re questioned by the director (in a sarcastic tone) “is your body fit at the moment?” 

  • <16th June 18:00 CEST>

    A director/manager sends you an urgent email on the weekend.

  • <23rd June 18:00 CEST>

    It’s 5 minutes until finishing and the director asks for a run of the 20 min work.

Future topics:

  • You see an interesting job online but it doesn’t have details of wage and job conditions.
  • Is this stage concrete!? Suddenly being pressured to put your body at risk.
  • You hear one colleague speaking badly about another.
  • The director tells you to depict a rape scene.
  • You are directed in a way that you don’t like or find productive.
  • You witness someone being told to play a stereotypical character based on their perceived cultural background.
  • You hear an older person use offensive humour in the workplace.

How do you respond? is partly supported by DIS-TANZEN which is funded by the Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien (Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media, Germany) as part of Neustart Kultur.




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